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Team Leadership

The following are synopses of representative leadership examples drawn from my career. The types of examples are varied to demonstrate my broad experience managing people, and I have selected projects which include a variety of challenges, to demonstrate my ability to guide a team through trouble spots.

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Show More Detail   Internet Society - Los Angeles Chapter : 1998-2010    Los Angeles, California
Show More Detail   Board of Directors Chairman | Chapter Trustee | Education Committee Chair
Team Size : 5-12
Organization Description : Local Chapter of the International Society
Personnel Type : Volunteer
Lead Education Committee through its first year. Lead Board of Directors through its first decade. Working to coordinate projects and motivate a diverse group of Internet professionals and enthusiasts. Establishing strategies, guidelines, and procedures for the long-term growth of the Committee and this Chapter of the influential, worldwide Internet Society organization.
Accomplishments : Establishment and organization of the Education Committee; Authoring and publication of "Internet in the Classroom" survey distributed to Los Angeles area teachers during July and August 1999; Guiding five respected Education Committee members.
Show More Detail   Music for Humans : 1985-Present    Boston, Massachusetts | Los Angeles, California
Show More Detail   Partner | Director
Team Size : 2-7
Organization Description : Songwriter / Musician Support
Personnel Type : Mixed Volunteer and Professional
Established to offer support to regional Music Industry in New England, USA. Influential in the creation of three "local music" programs on regional FM radio stations. Involved in arranging for Client capital acquisition, publishing, and negotiations with management and publishing concerns.
Accomplishments : Produced and distributed numerous recordings including compilation of local musicians; Supervised development of regional playlists on seven area radio outlets. Coordinated and co-produced two regional tours consisting of three musical acts each. Coordinated and co-produced one US national tour featuring a single act. (Tour durations: 21-36 days) Preparations included arranging for and supervising provision of road, hotel, and venue accomodations. Total tour attendance in excess of 8,000.


Show More Detail   Toys for Tots Benefit : 1992-1998    Los Angeles, California
Show More Detail   Musical Director | Guitarist: Cobalt Blues Band
Team Size : 5-14
Project Description : Annual Benefit Concert
Project Duration : 10 days per year
Project Goals : Collect Gifts for Children
Project Duties : Organize Band, Produce Event
Personnel Type : Mixed Professional and Amateur
Working with staff from the Ritz-Carlton Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California and a few professional musicians to perform the Blues for the benefit of disadvantaged children during the Winter Holiday season. Coordinating with local US Marine Corps for gift collection and distribution. Training and preparing Band members. Managing and promoting the events in coordination with venue.
Total number of toys collected : 3730 in six annual performances
Challenges included event promotion, developing a consistently successful performance with a changing roster of Band personnel, working with very limited time to produce a professional program.
Show More Detail   Audio Amateur Magazine : 1989-1991    Peterborough, New Hampshire
Show More Detail   Magazine Production
Team Size : 4
Project Description : Monthly Print Magazine
Monthly Global Distribution : 120,000+ subscribers
Project Duration : 5-6 days per week for 18 months
Project Goals : Maintain Production Schedule, Produce Magazine
Project Duties : Supervise 3 Employees, Produce Magazine
Personnel Type : Professional
Each month, prepared magazine layouts and integrated advertising. Coordinated team of two Production Artists and a Photographer. Responsible for Employee Evaluation, prompt delivery of the finished magazine to printer, and approval of proof materials for final magazine publication.
Challenges included employee motivation, interpreting the magazine publisher's design requirements, and communicating highly technical content in an easily accessible manner.

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